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Pairing definition and meaning

[#item_title] These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.Read more…[1] Today’s global[2] culinary[3] landscape[4] offers[5] a kaleidoscope[6] of flavours[7], and allows[8] for some unlikely[9] pairings. Times, Sunday Times (2016) Today’s global culinary landscape offers a kaleidoscope of flavours, and allows for some unlikely pairings. Times, Sunday Times (2016) We have one of the strongest[10] driver[11] pairings in...

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Definition of PAIR

[#item_title] 1a(1) : two corresponding things designed for use together a pair of shoes (2) : two corresponding bodily parts or members a pair of hands b : something made up of two corresponding pieces a pair of trousers 2a : two similar or associated things: such as (1) : two mated animals (2) : a couple in love, engaged,...

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